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The Daily Nebraskan Media Group offers many options for your business to be placed in front of UNL students. Our events allow for direct contact with this target in the most high-traffic areas of campus. We offer a diverse calendar of events for each upcoming school year to get in touch with the niche market of students.


The Big Red Street Festival (located in the Memorial Stadium parking lot) is the largest event geared toward incoming students. Attended by thousands of first-year and returning Huskers, this must attend event is your chance to be one of the first businesses to engage with this audience. More than 6,000 students are expected to attend the street festival, visiting the 300+ booths to enjoy free food and opportunities to win prizes. Don't miss this opportunity to sponsor the largest college event in Nebraska.


Held during the fall and spring semesters, the Job Fair highlights local part-time jobs that are targeted towards students at UNL. This is a must-attend event to gain traction and talk to potential candidates for your company!


Held during the fall and spring semesters, the Housing Fair offers student housing communities the opportunity to get in front of students before they make their decision on living plans for the following year. For students, mid-October is the time to start signing leases and looking for housing options for the next school year and March is the perfect time to see what is available for the summer!


College can be stressful - that’s why we hold Pet the Stress Away multiple times during the school year. Around finals time, we team up with local animal shelters to bring dogs to campus and cheer up stressed out students. Sponsoring this event allows us to continue the joy.


The Spring Festival is our final event of the school year, celebrating the end of the semester nearing. Students join the celebration to experience food, live music, games, and more. Vendors are able to join in bringing the students a fun experience while promoting their business.



Our news endowment issues are some of our most popular. Past topics have included the UNL Greek system, campus safety and sustainability. Topics for this year’s in-depth editions will be announced in Fall 2022.


The New Student Enrollment Guide is our biggest publication of the year, with over 6,000 copies handed out to new students at the Big Red Street Festival. This publication provides the best way to get your message in front of a new group of highly receptive student customers.


The Campus Visitor Guide is exposed to thousands of prospective students, families, alumni and sports fans visiting campus all year long. This annual guide is accessible all over campus, as well as in key businesses, visitor’s centers, rest stops and hotels.

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One of our most popular products is our exclusive digital billboards in the Nebraska Union. The large digital flatscreens located at the north entrance of the union, rotate Daily Nebraskan news and are an attractive option for striking, full-color digital ads. This high-traffic placement is displayed in a prime location to target over 8,500 students each day.



Reach students as they come and go from Campus Rec.  This group of students may be working out, training, or playing intramural sports.  This is a great opportunity to reach students with a specific interest in health, wellness, and being active. 

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The Daily Nebraskan sends out a daily email newsletter Monday-Friday during the months' school is in session (August-December and February-May).  This email is sent to all 22,000+ UNL students, with new freshmen added every fall.  The e-newsletter, fondly known as “The Husk”, includes the latest news headlines from around campus.  The email receives an average open rate of over 25%, which is much higher than the industry standard of 17%. Choose to sponsor an email once or the whole year. The Husk e-newsletter gives you the chance to get your message into the inboxes of the entire student body.

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Social Media is one of the best ways to reach college students because it is where they spend the most time. The Daily Nebraskan is fully suited with multiple platforms to reach this audience. The DN social media has a combined reach of over 28,000 followers, allowing for the greatest potential to influence of UNL students.

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Our street team service allows your business to be the center of attention on University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. The Daily Nebraskan Media Group street team will work with you to put your message directly in the hands of students. You provide the product, swag, flyers, coupons, etc. and we will distribute them to this desirable demographic for you.

When it comes to technology's influence on America's young adults, reading is not dead- at least not the news. College students, compared to older adults, prefer reading their news rather than watching or listening. Most of this reading takes place online. With more than 110,000 unique users per month, should be the foundation of your marketing plan with the DNMG. The majority of our readers use their mobile device to engage with our content. We make engagement easy with two options: medium banner and leaderboard.

Access to our 9 high-traffic elevators and over 6,000 daily users throughout UNL’s four parking garages offer you a creative and impactful way to engage potential customers. This option is becoming increasingly successful as the ever-growing student population purchases resident and commuter parking passes.

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The Daily Nebraskan offers marketing space about our large magazine racks around campus. Our network of more than 30 high-traffic posters market to over 33,000 students, staff and alumni on campus.

Each new freshman attends orientation the summer before they move to campus.  Do you want to get your message in their hands?  Be one of the first businesses to introduce yourself to these 6,000 students by putting a flyer, coupon, swag, etc. into their welcome bag.  Would you prefer to reach out to their parents?  Put your inserts in the parent orientation bags and reach over 8,000 parents of new college students who need your services.

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